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Reach the emerging markets

For the first time, Shorthand enables users in emerging markets to discover and engage with your brand on their basic phones. Capture this valuable user base now and lead them to your smartphone app when they upgrade their phones.

A Faster and Simpler Way to Get to Market

From our first meeting to your brand's launch, Shorthand makes it easy to extend your content and services to the untapped mobile mass market. Custom Shorthand Apps are deployed in a matter of weeks. Create your App once and there are no more worries about managing phone compatibility. Enhancements and updates can be pushed with ease. Our flexibility, fast time-to-market and lower upfront costs improve your overall ROI.

Supports a Variety of Business Models

Subscription, transactions, promotions, advertising...the Shorthand platform is flexible and offers a multitude of ways to monetize your mobile presence while maintaining a superior user experience.

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