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Twitter's New BFF

Twitter just got more personal.  Zeek Interactive has launched TwextMe ( which sends your Twitter messages to your phone via SMS.  We think this is a great way to stay in the loop when you're the topic of conversation.  Shorthand is thinking about adding it to our line-up either as a Twitter feature or a standalone SMS app.  What do you think?  Is this an SMS app you'd use on your phone?

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Texting to Fight Cancer

In October, Shorthand sponsored the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (MSABC) Walk in San Diego. To cap off our involvement, we created a banner to show people how they could text their support of the cause.  Simply by sending a text message of "HOPE" to 20222, people could donate $5 to the American Cancer Society.  

You can do the same thing with Shorthand.  If you look through the SMS App Catalog, you'll see an SMS App called mGive.  mGive provides an easy way to donate $5 to your favorite charities and the billing is automatically added to your phone bill. They power the text donation campaigns of big events like "American Idol Gives Back."

Jennifer Berg, a Director of Special Events for the American Cancer Society let us know that our texting campaign was a big hit.  "Turns out the San Diego event had the highest number of text-to-give messages received that day, and there were events taking place all across the country!" 

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How to Avoid Fighting with your Parents

Gatlyn just might be our ideal customer.  She's been with us for almost a year now.  Thanks to her messages, we've discovered Shorthand is a perfect compromise for teens that want data and their parents who don't want to pay for it. 

When Gatlyn found us, she was looking for a way to get Facebook on her phone.  "I was begging my parents to get me a data plan so I could keep up with my friends' status but they didn't want to pay for it."  She Googled around for a Facebook app that could work without data and found us.  Since then, she sent us a great text that we want to share: "I love Shorthand, its the next greatest thing to having a data plan, and definitely a lot cheaper."  Now Gatlyn has the mobile access she needs and her parents don't have to pay $20/month for it.  Mission accomplished!

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