How it Works

Save money on data

Shorthand Apps use so little data they are practically free to use. Try for yourself! Shorthand sends and receives only the most important information when you chat with friends, update Facebook, check the score of the latest match, read the latest news articles and view tomorrow’s weather forecast.

All of your favorites

All your apps are packaged together for easy access within our easy-to-use Shorthand platform. With Shorthand, you can get weather forecasts in 2 clicks, chat with friends in 3 clicks, and follow sports scores in just 4 clicks. It's just that simple.

What Makes Us Different? Radical data efficiency and speed

While other mobile apps and browsers quickly run up data usage, costing you money and slowing down your apps, Shorthand Apps are designed to send and receive exactly what you need. No more, no less. What you get is faster apps that save you money.

How much can I save?

Take the Shorthand challenge. Try any other app or browser and compare the cost and speed with doing the same thing in Shorthand. To help you track how much data you use we've built a data counter right into Shorthand. Tell us on Facebook how much you saved!

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